Recent Active Projects


Craig Marshak and Dr. Daniel Reshef were founding investors of the $115 million Moringa Acquisition Special Purpose Acquisition company ( SPAC), which is seeking focused investment opportunities in Israel Silicon Valley.


Craig Marshak was instrumental in arranging early first round funding for the INX Crypto exchange, the very first crypto trading exchange to have submitted to Securities Exchange commission SEC approval. INX achieved Securities Exchange Commission approvals in early 2020 ,and has since then raised tens of millions of dollars through the sale and placement of its security tokens for investment into the INX exchange.

Global Fintech Trading

Craig Marshak and Dr. Daniel Reshef are collaborating on the launch of “888markets” in association with Global Fintech Trading, for the launch of a global crypto exchange platform.


Craig Marshak, as the Chairman of Fragrant Prosperity Holdings on the London stock exchange, has organized the reverse merger of Israeli cannabis products company CiiTECH into Fragrant Prosperity Holdings. The transaction is valued at 17.5.mm pounds sterling.

Portfolio Investment

Portfolio Value Creation

Craig Marshak and Dr. Daniel Reshef, working as a team, have been responsible for nearly $15 billion dollars of portfolio value creation:

  • Launched the first investment round for Shopping.com, sold to EBAY for $600 million.
  • Organized the first institutional round for CYBERARK, now trading NASDAQ at over $5 billion.
  • Organized a $1 million investment into QUIGO which resulted in an ultimate growth and sale to AOL for nearly $400 million.
  • Organized the first investment rounds to VOCALTEC, which was listed at a $200 million valuation.
  • Advised and organized early rounds for 888 Holdings now valued at over $2 billion.
  • Advised and organized early investment rounds to HEXAGON TECHNOLOGY now valued at over $200 million, this 2009 start up now boasts 600 employees globally.
  • Advised and organized first seed round to AVATRADE.com, now valued at nearly $150 million.
  • Israel Venture Partners has backed numerous companies in the internet search sector, fables semiconductor chips, social media, biotechnology, medical device, and other disruptive categories. Israel Venture Partners team operates across the globe and specializes in many industries and geographies. Israel Venture Partners works with companies in seed, early, and growth stages.
  • The principals of IVP were responsible for backing Israel’s CINEMA CITY in its early days and providing $75 mm of growth capital to enable management to create CINEWORLD listed on the London Stock Exchange and the worlds  second largest theater chain.

Who we are

Our management team is comprised of experienced entrepreneurs, financial investors, and highly experienced investment bankers and corporate finance advisors who have helped build some of the world’s most successful companies. We have in the past provided financial advice, and helped to develop some of Israel’s most respected and successful companies. Several of our portfolio companies have emerged from seed stage, to valuations in the hundreds of millions of dollars, including Shopping.com, Quigo, and Vocal Tec. We have identified emerging trends before they became obvious, such as backing the first ever Voice Over IP company with Vocal Tec in the late 1990s, and identifying and backing an early entrant in the comparative search sector with Shopping.com. We correctly identified early entrants in the cyber security world, when we correctly backed Cyber Ark, as an early stage 20 person company in the cyber security word. This investment was made when Mr. Marshak was heading the Nomura Securities Merchant Banking Fund, and invested $5 million for approx. 20% of Cyber Ark, before Jerusalem Venture Partners became a major investor in the company. Cyber Ark became one of the great success stories for the Jerusalem Venture Partners portfolio.

When it comes to finding a partner who supports your largest aspirations, we dream big with you. We work with companies in new and emerging industries before they become obvious.