Medgenics reports “encouraging” data from Epodure Biopump trial – Proactiveinvestors (NA)

Medgenics (LON:MEDG) unveiled what it described as encouraging early data from the phase IIa clinical trial of its potentially revolutionary EPODURE Biopump device.
It is currently being used to deliver erythropoietin, known as EPO for short, to anaemic pre-dialysis patients with chronic kidney disease.

Inserted under the skin, the Biopump is designed to deliver EPO over a long period of time, negating the need for regular injections.

The latest results revealed from four patients using the Medgenics technology showed haemoglobin remained in the desired range for two to four months, without needing any injections.

Notably, at no point following EPODURE treatment did the concentration of EPO in the serum of the patients exceed the typical normal range. The company plans to move forward with a larger phase II trial in the US in the second half of the year.

“We believe that EPODURE could improve the safety and efficacy of anaemia treatments while enhancing patient quality of life by providing a more reliable treatment that reduces or eliminates the need for frequent EPO or ESA injections, and also could provide clear cost benefits to payers,” said chief executive Andrew Pearlman.