The Israel Venture Partners Team

The senior partners of Israel Venture Partners, Craig J. Marshak and Jack Lahav, have over fifty years of combined investment banking and venture capital experience. They provide a unique blend of skill sets, with Mr. Lahav having acted in operational capacities at companies, providing executive leadership, management vision and discipline, and early stage seed round funding. Mr. Lahav has been repeatedly successful in identifying promising young companies at very early stages, including identifying the first ever Voice over IP company, Vocal Tec,  and taking a major investment stake in that company. Within a few years, Vocal Tec listed at a valuation of over $200 million.   Mr. Marshak has a track record of over twenty years of investment banking experience at bulge bracket firms including  Schroders,  and Nomura Securities, where Mr. Marshak was responsible for managing a $300 million principal investment and merchant banking fund focusing on growth and technology companies. Mr. Marshak has personally advised on some of the leading and most complex investment banking transactions from Israel, including Privatizations, and complex Initial Public Offerings.

Chief Executive and Managing Director
Founding Partner