Jack Lahav

Founding Partner

Jack Lahav, investor, entrepreneur and philanthropist, specialize for many years in searching throughout Israel & successfully identifying early stage companies with breakthrough technologies and vast market potential.

Jack’s highly successful investment & entrepreneurship career spans more than 30 years, during which time he played a key role in helping to launch and bring to market some of the most sophisticated technologies & products being used all over the world.

Jack’s career began in 1980, when he launched Remarkable Products, a mail order company that enjoyed fast market penetration & reached more than 1 million customers in less than 10 years.

In 1989, Jack co-founded Lamar Signal Processing, at the same time, he was among the early investors in VocalTech communications, the company that pioneered Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP), perhaps the most important communication revolution in history!

Jack served as director of VocalTech until the company enjoyed a successful IPO & was listed on Nasdaq at a $200MM valuation. Eventually, VocalTech reached market cap greater than $500MM!

In 1998, Lamar Signal Processing, a company that raised less than $3MM, was acquired by Andrea Electronics in a transaction valued at nearly $50MM!

In 1993, Jack acquired Advance Technologies Inc. (ATI), a robotic mfg. and served as its president until ATI was acquired in 1996.

In 2001, Jack identified a struggling, young Israeli start-up – Quigo Technologies.
Recognizing the potential of the technology, Jack, in a bold move, led a group of investors and was appointed as the new chairmen.

By restructured Quigo, Jack helped the company’s relocation efforts to NY, eventually leading Quigo to become a major powerhouse until Quigo was acquired by America On Line (AOL) for the whopping sum of $363MM, making it the biggest acquisition of any Israeli company in 2007.

During the past 15 years, Jack played key role in the acquisition of several Israeli companies, helping to complete 5 transactions valued at more than $1 Billion!

In 2008, Jack opted to organize his philanthropic activity in Israel under a new foundation titled “Minacha Lamechora” (“Offering to my beloved country”) www.mechora.org.

The foundation adopted a policy of identifying and providing financial support to the weak elements of the Israeli society, by aiming towards developing towns and the outskirts of Israel.

During the past 6 years, “Minacha Lamechora” helped many valuable causes throughout Israel. Among them – the establishment of computer laboratories in the towns of Beit-Shean and Hatzor-Haglilit, financed education programs in the libraries of Kiryat Shmona & Beit Shean, provided stipends to needy students of Ethiopian decent, and so on.

The foundation is active in various circles of Israel’s daily life.

Jack is married, father of 4 daughters and grandparent to 4 grandchildren.

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