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Israel Venture Partners Advisory Members

Israel Venture Partners benefits from collaborating with a number of senior professionals with complementary areas of expertise in the worlds of investment banking, capital raising, and operational management expertise for early stage technology ventures. Some of the persons who are actively collaborating with Israel Venture Partners today include:

Gerard Mizrahi

Senior Advisor


36 years experience in the financial markets. CEO and founding partner of Charles Street Securities and its related partnerships since 1984, following 10 years at the Chase Manhattan Bank in London and New York, in banking and investment banking departments of the Chase Manhattan bank in London and New York.

Irving Aaronson

Senior Advisor


Mr. Aaronson is a Certified Public Accountant, and trained and practiced for many years in South Africa. More recently living and residing in London, England, Mr. Aaronson directs private equity investments on behalf of private clients, and he has, during his career been involved in numerous Israeli related investments.